Tim Kuchta - Drummer, Percussionist & Educator


Tim was my first teacher who opened up all the doors for me. I came to him knowing nothing and he gave me everything. Even after the first lesson with him I started seeing improvement. A great teacher to me is someone who can make learning fun as well as intuitive and Tim was just that! Just don't forget that practice makes perfect!

Currently, Ron lives in Israel and teaches at a few of the elementary schools in Tel Aviv/Ramat Gan (including Kfir Elementary) doing body drumming, bucket/stick drumming (like on the street) and Darbuka classes. He also is currently the only Teacher on staff  at Beit Dani's Music Center teaching private lessons. Beit Dani is a huge Community Center in The Tikvva Quarter in South Tel Aviv. Ron also drums for Karen Malka and plays in a few different side projects as well.
- Ron Amram, former student

As a full-time professional performer, instructor and recording artist, I recall my time as Tim's student as being very valuable and inspiring.  Besides being my drum set instructor, African drumming ensemble instructor and midi teacher he has always represented to me a source of generosity, wisdom and great proficiency as a musician. Tim is the drummer and educator everybody should be lucky enough to have.
- Andres Roa, former student

I have studied with Tim on and off for two years and have known him since the late 90's. Not only is Tim a great teacher but also a great person. He makes the lessons fun as well as informative. He is a truly blessed and gifted musician.
- Darren Carangi, present student

Tim Kuchta is one of the finest drummers I've had the pleasure to work with. He listens, really listens to all that is going on musically with the players on stage in real time: that is a rare commodity and one of the highest compliments I can give. When a musicians is sensitive and truly in the moment with those he is performing with, magic happens. There is nothing "rote" about Tim's playing. He is alive, listening and truly interactive. I wish all drummers were as alive and as sensitive as Tim!
- Nicloe Hart

Tim is a great team player and fantastic musician. He's always on point and does his best and plays music with integrity. He holds high standards for himself and passes that on to everybody he works with. Not only that ... He is a pleasure to work with and funny too!
- Sista MaryBeth

  • Mary Beth is a professional vocalist, recording artist, music teacher and artistic director at The Forge in Miami.

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