Tim Kuchta - Drummer, Percussionist & Educator

Private & Group Drum Lessons

Tim Kuchta behind drum set


  • 1/2 hour weekly
  • 1 hour weekly


  • African Drumming Ensemble, weekly, 1-2 hours
  • Duos-quartets-perform pieces for 2-4 percussionists

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Basic fundamentals are very important to learning anything, especially learning to play a musical instrument.  And yes, drums are a musical instrument!!  Technique, reading and playing music are the three main areas that will be covered in lessons.  I also approach everyone as an individual, therefore we will work on what you want to learn and will work together toward your goals. (While having fun!)


My percussion studio, located in my home contains:

  • two full drum sets (a 4 piece Ludwig drum set and a 5 piece Yamaha drum set)
  • one 4-octave Musser Xylophone and
  • one 3-octave (orchestra pit) xylophone
  • drum machine w/keyboard amp
  • stereo system (bring your iPod if you want, or I have thousands of songs on mine!!)
  • recording capability to capture you playing alone or with tracks
  • electronic drum pads
  • Djembe (African hand drum)
  • various “toys” (i.e., percussion instruments: tambourine, cowbells, shakers, etc…..)

Now, what music store has all of that to offer its drum students?

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